At Hilltop Hanover Farm we believe in connecting children with our environment and helping them learn where our food comes from.  Whether it is the opportunity to taste a sun-warmed tomato, hear the gentle sound of clucking happy hens and loud roosters and the joy in sowing seeds or pulling carrots out of the ground; there are wonderful learning opportunities everywhere!
Our hands-on, science-based field trips provide K-12 students a powerful way to connect to local farming and to learn about nutritious, delicious food, and good health. Every year more than 2,500 students from Westchester County and NYC region embark on inquiry-based learning adventures with our farmer-educators that take them outside the classroom and into the heart of our working farm.
But some of these children are missing out because they come from underserved school districts that can’t afford the field trip or their school district can’t afford the busing. Please help us connect with all the educators who want to bring their students to our wonderful farm and your contribution will help us do that.
Our goal is to raise $5,000 which would allow nearly 500 underserved children the opportunity to come visit our farm.   Help us make a larger impact!  

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Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center is a working crop farm and environmental education facility located in Yorktown Heights, NY. Formerly a dairy farm, and with roots dating back to the 1600’s, today Hilltop Hanover acts as a regional education hub offering programs on healthy and sustainable food production, skills for small-scale suburban and urban farmers, and sustainable living practices for local communities.